Jasilyn Charger and Oscar High Elk—Cheyenne River youth, are facing imprisonment for resisting Keystone XL pipeline in their own homelands.

Jasilyn Charger of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, is a cofounder of 7th Defender’s project. Coming in with a long line of protector ancestors, mentored by and mentoring some of the most activated people on the planet.

Having dedicated their life to investment in the protection of land, water, and spirit for not just now, but future generations—their commitment is touted across the globe. Jasilyn’s personal sacrifice and generosity reverberate as they raise their voice for the voiceless and put their life on the line for positive change. Regenerative change that they may never experience.

Instrumental in forwarding the momentum of the #NOdapl movement and drawing attention to Standing Rock—Jasilyn was present to: break ground on the first camp at Sacred Stone, co-coordinate a 2,000-mile run from the Dakotas to Washington DC, co-found the International Indigenous Youth Council (IIYC) while at Oceti Sakowin until the final days of camp.

Both Jasilyn, and their collaborative work, have become the subject and inspiration for curriculum moduleslesson plans and the founding of organizations. A number of organizations support and seek Jasilyn’s presence and social equity with representation on their projects and teams.

Stand With

Jasilyn & Oscar

Two First Nations/Indigenous/Native Americans/Sioux/Lakota spiritually-guided individuals are facing jail and prison time for standing up and peacefully protecting their homelands/so-called USA/treaty territories/inheritable lands! They were standing up for Indigenous Rights/Natural Laws – to practice their way of life and to use their lifetimes to protect what they will leave for the children’s children to come. 

Oscar Rattling Rib High Elk is being threatened to be held captive/hostage/become a POW – he is facing 23 years in prison, which will make him unable to protect his homelands and family/people from future threats of genocide and harm to the land and peoples. Jasilyn Charger is being threatened with one year of jail time which would also take her away from the work she is doing.

Both Oscar and Jasilyn are facing these threats for peacefully and prayerfully standing their ground for UnciMaka/Grandmother Earth and all Mitakuyape, We Are One(Mitakuye Oyasin). 

Biden has signed a n executive order supposedly retracting the permits for the destructive KXL/TC Energy’s pre-construction/construction, yet the security is still around guarding a supposedly dead snake/KXL, so resistance continues. And the Sheriff’s office is persisting with these charges. 

Jasilyn’s discovery is on March 3rd.
The arraignment for Oscar High Elk is on February 10th. 

Please add your name to demand that the charges be dropped and pledge to continue to stand with Oscar and Jasilyn, no matter what the court decides!

You can learn more here!
Or check out the 2KC media page for ongoing updates.

How You Can Help

Support Jasilyn

Currently Jasilyn is receiving support from Lakota People’s Law Project, yet the legal fees are unattainable without community support.

Support Oscar

Oscar Rattling Rib High Elk is facing 23 years in prison for protecting his people and homelands against kxl

Sign The Petition

Please add your name to demand that all charges against Oscar and Jasilyn be dropped. We Are One (Mitakuye Oyasin)